But The Moments That Comprise Them Are What Remind Us Of How Those Days Felt. And That's What Photos Are For—To Bring You Right Back To Those Feels.

The Big Days In Our Lives Are Unforgettable.

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Come Learn a thing or two about me

If you need something, I’ll get it for you come hell or high water. I’ll never let you feel awkward and remind you you’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. If I have the knowledge, I will let you know that knowledge. And I’ll treat you like a friend. Because we could all use a little more of that these days.

That megan she's talking about is me, and she's right - i got you.

“Megan is 100% invested in what she does. Need an extra hand to help bustle your dress? She’ll help your mom get it done. Stressed on your wedding day? She will find ways to limit it. Want a particular shot? She will do anything to make sure she gets it. She’s got you.”
– Ashley 

“Not only is Megan incredible at her craft, she is your biggest fan and will quickly become your new best friend. She has a unique way of making your insecurities slip away during pictures and capturing every special moment.”

– Alexandra D.

what you'll see on google...

client love

“You made me feel so beautiful and I’m squealing and jumping up and down in my kitchen right now!!!"

- Your girl Alex

then there's what pops up on my phone...

client love

So let’s take photos that create a little notch in the door frame of your memory. To mark…

- How they still need your hand to balance.
- The little things they’re inexplicably obsessed with.
- The cowlick in their hair that will never behave. 
- How easy it was to fling them upon your shoulders. 

There are a million and one little things you love about your kid right now, we’ll document as many of them as we can in your photos.

Nothing can compare to the beauty of uncensored joy. You’ll see it when you’re looking like a total babe before your first look and when you’re double fisting appetizers after portraits. When your partner is crying during their vows and when they grab your butt when they think no one is looking. 

On your wedding day, who cares about “perfect” when you could have bear hugs, happy tears, and belly laughs instead?

Where you’re not worried about a damn thing and you’re just happy to be married. 

For My couples

Now those rambunctious, perfect, little weirdos make your world go round. 

For My Families

Although you’re excited to see them grow — you don’t want to give up who they are today. 

for your photos, we're gonna do better than perfect. Click to find out the plan

and it'll be easier than you think. Read how this way

welcoming kind humans only

lgbtqia+, bipoc, & anyone with a good heart.

Be you. Be your uncensored self. Be loved. 
And bring yourself over here so I can take your picture. 


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