We’ll get photos of the anticipation while you get ready, I wouldn’t dream of blocking your grandma’s view in the process though.

I’ll let your groomsmen get to the punchline and catch the laughter that follows before asking them to take off their damn sunglasses. 

If you’ve got a hair sticking straight up, I’ll fix it. But if some falls into your face, rom-com style, I’ll hold off to see if your partner takes the bait. 

We’re going to keep portraits stunning, short, and sweet so you can get back to enjoying cocktail hour with everyone else. 

Oh, and I won’t make my way on the dance floor to say goodbye. I’ll stick around till you're ready to take those tired feet back to the hotel.  

These are your memories. While I don’t plan on getting in the way of them, I do plan on documenting every-last-one.

“Megan calmed all our nerves from day one and captured our wedding day joy. She helped me think through things I wouldn't have thought of if she hadn't thought of them first. And she was so thoughtful about everything she did; from our experience leading up to the wedding to how our photos were framed throughout the day.”

- Shelby

You looked at my photos, Cinderella’s “So This is Love” begins to play in your head. On the other end of those bright, romantic photos there’s me—all southern drawl and unfiltered excitement waiting for your inquiry. We’ll get on the phone to discuss your plans, your worries, and your hopes. And probably our pets (all roads lead to pet stories). If it really is love, then we’re in business!

.01 talk

what to expect

I’d tell you to get excited, but who really gets excited about clerical work? We’ll square away the contract and retainer to secure your date. Okay, now THIS is where things really get exciting! With this huge to-do checked off your list we can start bringing your vision to life.

.02 book

what to expect

We’ll discuss timelines and logistics to come up with a solid plan. Along with that we’re going to get ahead of weird family dynamics (we all have them), insecurities no matter how small (again, we all have them), and anything else you’re unsure about so you can go into this day with zero stress.

.03 prep

what to expect

Let’s find a pretty spot for your engagement photos. This session is for you to learn a lil' about me and for me to learn all about you two! While you're being cutesy I'll be able to see how y'all interact, if anything makes you uncomfortable, and the best ways to frame you in photos. The session will be over before you know it, but you'll wish it wasn't. Yes, getting your photos taken will be that fun. 

.04 engagement pics

what to expect

This is your day to laugh loudly, eat cake with your fingers, and look pretty while doing it. I’m going to grab a picture of every one of your guests, you invited them so best believe they’re getting their photo taken. We’ll keep portraits easy, breezy. And along with all the unexpected moments, I’ll get the shots you’ve been dreaming of. 

.05 celebrate

what to expect

T-minus 4 weeks until the waterworks and difficulty choosing your favorite photos cause they’re all so good. Way too good to live a life on your phone, which is why I’ll hook you up with a trusted printer so the quality and colors of your photographs stay true!

.06 take it all in

what to expect

Now that the practice run of the experience is over,

 are you ready to do this for real?

“Megan not only took the most incredible photos, she helped me with…

- Meghan Assinesi

… a timeline, gave me advice, made us laugh, safety-pinned my dress when a button popped off on the dance floor, and so much more. You will not be disappointed with Megan, her magical work, and the energy that she brings along with her. We could NOT imagine our day without Megan being there.”

Canoodle and goof off, we’re gonna get some cute pics for your walls and save-the- dates. We’ll use this time to shake off any nerves, discuss what makes you uncomfy, and connect IRL.

Black & white photos allow people to be bold without the distraction of color. While in others color is the life of the photo. With your timeless and versatile gallery you’ll have one of each for every moment. 

As Chandler said, “I’m glad we’re having a rehearsal dinner, I rarely practice my meals before I eat.” While capturing the laidback intimacy of the rehearsal, I’ll be building trust with your inner circle before the big day.

engagement session

rehearsal dinner coverage


You deserve to have every moment of your day documented. If you need me to, I can be there from sunup to tear down on your wedding day (at no point will I turn into a pumpkin). 

Timeline assistance, Trusted second shooter, Travel within 75 mi. of Greenville, SC, Online gallery & full printing rights, Access to a trusted, vetted printer

the works

no wedding day time limit

Around here, you get the whole house and the kitchen sink! This way you don’t have to give a second thought to if you’ve booked enough hours, what moments you want photographed, and what you’ll be receiving (besides like reallyyyy amazing photos). With the Timeless Collection you’ll get…

Timeless Collection

tailored collection

and the rest is up to you!



what're you thinking?

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